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Access Control & Biometric Devices

Employers are faced with the task of proper collection of data such as entry and exit times.

Biometric devices make for largely fool proof and reliable ways of enabling to collect data as employees have to be present to enter Biometric details which are unique to them.

Know how Kritva Technologies can help you in setting up Best of Breed Biometric solutions. 

Cloud HRMS & Payroll Engine

Focus on your core areas of Business Operations & outsource the HRMS and Payroll management to us.

Kritva Technologies offers a Highly Scalable Cloud Platform with Payroll, Attendance Management, Learning and Development, Reimbursements, Tax management & Employee self-service options.

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Employee Performance Management

Adopting Kritva EPM, a cloud-based software, instead of using a spreadsheet-based recording system,  delivers ROI through direct and indirect sales benefits, operational efficiency benefits, and by unlocking the latent potential in every employee’s workday.

Managing employee performance and aligning their objectives, facilitates the effective delivery of strategic and operational goals of the organization.

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Email & Collaboration

Email remains one of the most preferred options for Business Communication and Microsoft 365 along with Microsoft Teams are essential tools for any Digital First workplace.

With various subscription plans aimed at different needs and market segments, providing different sets of features at different price points, you have plenty options to select the right pick for your organization.

Kritva Technologies can help you in o365 Licensing & Migration. Call Us for a quote

Cloud Services

Cloud adoption has grown exponentially in India in the last few years with the exponential increase in data usage that has accompanied society’s transition into the digital era.

A Digital First approach, SaaS Applications boom and massive efficiencies- both in cost & management have accelerated Cloud adoption and the benefits are far reaching.

How can Kritva Technologies help you in this journey ? We would love to talk to you and explore.

Data Protection & Cyber Security

Kritva protects your corporate data and prevents data losses from cyberattacks and employee negligence, ensuring an all-time availability of data for authorised access. Comply effortlessly with regulations for data security and data protection.

We unify all your data protection and cybersecurity needs to safeguard the data and offer a backup and recovery on-demand.  A single platform for managing your Application Data & Employee Workloads , simplifying the data management and automation


Professional IT  & HR Tech Consulting

@ Kritva, we are always on the surge to offer you top-notch HR technology solutions for the Industry focused on Employee Management and Employee Engagement.

We provide IT Infrastructure solutions for the industry focused on the realms of Digital transformation, Cloud adoption, Data Backup and Security.

Systems That Are Fully Connected, So You Have An Ample Time To Focus On Your Businesss

We try to ensure 24*7 availability, HRMS payroll, performance management, and scalability of your applications.

We simplify your HR software operations for tracking, managing, paying, understanding, informing, remembering and delivering the ultimate benefits to the employees in your organisation.

Five Vectors of Cyber Protection.

As data volumes grow and methods of access change, safeguarding your data – and the applications and systems that rely on it – involves addressing complex and often competing considerations. Called the Five Vectors of Cyber Protection, our OEM partner, Acronis has developed a unique approach that successfully balances these requirements


Ensure that reliable copies of your data, applications, and systems are always available


Create undeniable, certifiable proof that a copy is an exact replica of the original


Control who has visibility and access to all of your digital assets


Make your data, applications, and systems easily available from anywhere at any time


Protect your data, applications, and systems against today’s ever-changing cyberthreats


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We engaged Kritva for our organisation’s HR solutions services, and the quality and support that we received from their end has been phenomenal!

Siddharth Agarwal

Mobicule Technologies Pvt Ltd

Kritva Technologies have always provided us with the best fit IT products and services that we need. Happy being their clients for a long time now!”

P Vignesh

Myst Corp

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