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Whats your #CyberFit Score ?

Acronis #CyberFit Score assesses and scores a set of security metrics to identify gaps in your IT environment and endpoints and then makes recommendations on how to improve the organization’s security posture.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Acronis CyberProtection really works for all types of workloads ?

Acronis CyberProtect streamlines your data protection efforts using just one solution.

We support Windows and Linux servers and VMs, 8 major hypervisors, PCs, Macs, iOS, Android, Oracle Database, SAP HANA, Microsoft on-premises and Office 365 apps, and G Suite.

I’m happy using Google Drive Microsoft OneDrive / Dropbox. I do not need backup.

Free cloud storage is simply not a backup. Backup protects open files, applications, and operating systems so you can restore to bare-metal in the event of a disaster. It also protects data on schedule, with no manual copying required.

My systems never crashed and never will.

Five percent of hard drive drives (HDDs) die in the first year – so for your five servers with four HDDs in each, one will fail soon. Can you afford to lose data? Acronis protects you from an inevitable crash.

I don’t trust the cloud. How secure is the Acronis platform ?

The cloud is as secure as your company’s network. Customers’ data and metadata are encrypted at all stages with AES-256 encryption. Management is protected with even stronger 2048-bit SSL encryption.

I already back up my data on tapes. Why should I switch to cloud?

75 percent of SMB companies with tape backup experience tape failure each year. Acronis uses its own Tier-IV-designed data centers, which have been trusted since 2010.

I will just reinstall and reconfigure everything if my systems crash

How long will that take – Hours? Days? What will be the impact on employee productivity and how much revenue will the company lose? Acronis reduces your recovery times from days to hours and minutes. And with Acronis Instant Restore – to seconds!